Stack Audio

Stack Audio focuses on the source. We believe in designing products that help you get the best sound out of your system. At its heart this is about removing those elements that mask low level signals and stop the rest of the system from singing clearly and musically. This principle determines the way we design all of our products from using machined aluminium enclosures for sensitive electronics to our use of inert materials in the LP12 upgrades. We take great pride in our design and engineering – just good enough is never acceptable and high quality doesn’t always mean high price.

Stack Audio’s first product was a digital streamer – the Onset. A statement design exercise the Onset was the prototype for the company’s approach to how things should sound, how they should be designed and how they should be made.

The lessons learned are built into the Serene and Link products that Stack Audio sells today. They are influencing the products we’re designing for tomorrow. We are a British company with design and manufacturing carried out here utilising the long-established expertise that exists in the UK’s audio and engineering industries.

Stack Audio works with music lovers and audiophiles – the best type of partners for a business that is solely concerned with this hobby. We value personal contact with our customers; seeking, listening and accepting feedback and incorporating their suggestions and ideas into our products.


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