Yamaha WXC-50 Streaming Pre-Amplifier


Bring the brilliance of Yamaha’s MusicCast to your main system, with the WXC50, MusicCast pre-amp.

MusicCast for music all around your home
The Yamaha WXC50 is part of Yamaha’s hugely impressive network audio system, MusicCast. With MusicCast you can control all your compatible Yamaha MusicCast products via your smartphone or tablet. Play the same music on all the components or split the sound into different zones for different moods in each room; the choice is yours. The MusicCast CONTROLLER app also lets you operate the speaker and change settings quickly and easily.

Wi-Fi with Spotify and AirPlay
Connect via Ethernet or wi-fi to your home network and gain access to a whole new world of entertainment. From here you’ll be able to access a massive range of Internet radio stations plus music services such as the hugely popular Spotify and Naspter. Also standard is AirPlay, making it easier than ever to stream from your Apple iOS devices.

Stream music from your mobile with Bluetooth
With a Bluetooth receiver built in, it’s easy to enjoy your music from other devices. Pair with your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC and wirelessly stream all your favourite music. With the possibility of streaming music services, such as Spotify, Deezer and Tidal, as well as your own music library, you get access to near unlimited music!

Compatible with High Resolution music files
The Yamaha WXC50 makes a superb choice for listening to your High Resolution music files. It’s compatible with WAV/FLAC 192kHz/24-bit, Apple Lossless 96kHz/24-bit, DSD 5.6MHz and even the new AIFF 192kHz/24-bit formats. Using a high quality ESS DAC (Digital to Analogue Convertor), the sound is sensationally detailed.

Wire it in with USB, optical or RCA phono
As well as the wide range of wireless connectivity, the WXC50 also features a USB interface plus optical and RCA phono inputs. The USB socket is ideal for USB stick devices while the phono inputs let you hook up a traditional Hi-Fi source such as a CD player or turntable with built-in pre-amp. The optical input is ideal for connecting your TV or Blu-ray/DVD player.

Compact and stylish
More router than conventional amplifier-sized, the WXC-50 can easily be accommodated; it can even be turned on its side for really tight spaces. The rigid casework is made to Yamaha’s usual high standards and, with 1U rack mounting capability, ideal for professional use.