Audio Technica VM-540 ML MM Cartridge

The VM540ML has a standard cartridge body fitted with the para-toroidal coils,centre shield plate, and 6N-OFC coil wire(same as used for the 700 series).


Micro Line Contact styli

Having a greater tracking ability than an elliptical stylus, the line contact styli will have a deeper contact area to the vinyl record groove. This enables the stylus to fully reproduce all content of the vinyl record with reduced stylus and groove wear.

VMCartridge structure

Audio-Technica’s high performance para-toroidal coil structure is inherited in this new VM generation.

Toroidal ring coils are separated by a centre magnetic shield for complete electrical channel separation. As a result, the new Dual Moving Magnet cartridge series offers audiophiles a delicate-yet-stable sound performance at affordable price positions – a blend that continues to allow Audio-Technica products to be favoured for high-fidelity sound.