Bluesound VAULT 2i Hi-Res Music Server / CD Ripper


Bluesound VAULT 2i Hi-Res Music Server / CD Ripper


A Bluesound VAULT 2i lets you rip all your CDs rapidly in bit-perfect, high resolution formats, space-saving MP3 – or both – simultaneously. Store all your tracks on its internal ultra-quiet 2TB hard-drive that doubles as a network NAS drive. Hook up the VAULT 2i to your existing gear, pair it with a set of powered speakers or stream your digital music collection in studio-quality to Bluesound speakers in rooms all over the home.

Discover instant access to millions of high fidelity songs. Premium hi-res music services like TIDAL® and Qobuz® – as well as virtually all other popular music services and internet radio stations are already built-in. Directly access your downloads, your iTunes library and content from any other NAS drive via the USB port, all without turning on a computer.

Rip it. Download it. Store it. The Bluesound VAULT 2i is now more flexible than ever, with AirPlay 2 built-in for easy integration into the Apple ecosystem. Bluetooth performance is seriously stepped up with native support for aptX HD, and the ability to transmit studio quality music to Bluetooth headphones and speakers.

2i Introduction
Bluesound Generation 2i is the next iteration of the Bluesound product line-up. Building on the strengths and success of the Gen 2 platform, Gen 2i boasts several technological updates that will be sure to add to the excitement and demand for these popular products.

Gen 2i is a physical representation of Bluesound’s commitment to iteration, improvement, innovation, and of course, our brand identity. Iteration means we build on the success of the past.

Improvement means we look at what we do now and adjust create a better product. It means we listen to our customers to understand their needs and wants.

Innovation means we use creativity, experience, expertise, and perspective as we look to the future, so that our customers can experience their music in new and fresh ways. It means we draw on our HiFi heritage – the heart, soul, blood, and sweat that have gone into our NAD and PSB sister brands before us – to help us blaze new trails, forge better paths, and create hi-res, hi-def, high-standard products that cut through the white noise and truly stand out in the world of home stereo.

There’s a better way – iteration, improvement, innovation. The Bluesound identity. Generation 2i. Let’s go!

AirPlay 2 and Bluesound 2i
With AirPlay 2 on Bluesound 2i, you can connect multiple Players around the house and have them communicate with each other through AirPlay. Listen to your music in perfect sync as you walk room-to-room, or play different songs in different rooms, and control everything from the Control Centre on your iOS device. You can even say the song you want to listen to and where and let Siri take control of your music experience.

Tell Siri What You Want
Using your iPhone or iPad, you can ask Siri to play smooth jazz on a Bluesound 2i speaker in the dining room and the soundtrack to your kids’ favourite movie on a different Bluesound 2i speaker in their bedroom, or play the same song everywhere in the house without moving rooms. You can also use the HomePod to control select Bluesound Players.

The Bluetooth functionality built into our Bluesound Players has been a key feature ever since the introduction of Gen 2. While App integration and network streaming was (and still is) the most ideal Bluesound user experience, adding Bluetooth gave us another option for connectivity that customers craved. Having Bluetooth built-in adds to the story of simplicity and convenience that modern music lovers want.

With Gen 2i, we not only keep that connectivity intact, but we add to it. Gen 2i contains our most advanced take on Bluetooth to date – two-way Bluetooth, featuring both Receive and Transmit functionality. Receive capability allows users to wirelessly stream from their device to a Bluesound Player just like they’re used to doing with Gen 2. But Transmit capability means that you can now use your Bluesound. Player as a source, sending what you are listening to via Bluetooth to a pair of wireless headphones. Just imagine the peaceful feeling and convenience of listening to the most-loved songs in your music library wirelessly from your Vault 2i to your favourite pair of headphones, all using the BluOS App.

While we’ve improved the Bluetooth connectivity in Gen 2i, we’ve also made sure that audio quality improvements are part of the Gen 2i Bluetooth story. The advanced two-way Qualcomm CSR8675 chip that we use in these new products also supports aptX HD Bluetooth wireless audio. aptX HD is an enhanced codec that supports 24-bit music quality over Bluetooth and has been engineered to improve the signal-to-noise ratio, resulting in lower background noise. With the ability to support streams up to 24bit/48kHz, a customer streaming from an aptX HD compatible device to a Gen 2i Player is actually able to listen to better-than-CD quality, wirelessly. It all falls into the Bluesound story – modern wireless convenience without sacrificing quality.

HiFi Your WiFi
The Bluesound ecosystem uses your home wireless network not just to stream music, but also to communicate with other BluOS-enabled players on your network. The ecosystem can connect up to 64 players and through the BluOS Controller App for your smart device, you can play your music in perfect sync, or play different music simultaneously.

BluOS is a wireless ecosystem that uses a home network to connect more than one enabled device and play your music in perfect sync, or different music simultaneously, anywhere in the house. Using advanced technologies, BluOS can wirelessly transmit lossless music up to 24-bit/192kHz at lightning-fast speeds with no lag and zero loss in sound quality.

BluOS features seamless integrations with some of the most innovative smarthome controls on the market today. As a dedicated “music only” operating system, BluOS allows for interoperability among any enabled device.

All BluOS Enabled systems from our partners allow music lovers and custom integrators to seamlessly connect, manage and control networked music in a connected home with a smartphone, tablet, desktop or dedicated CI controller. Play a different song at the same time in different rooms, or group all your BluOS Enabled devices together and listen to your favourite

music in perfect sync throughout your home. BluOS Enabled speakers can also be stereo paired together for immersive, full-width sound. Easily connect and share your music collection from a computer or network-attached storage drive and access up to 200,000 tracks for streaming.

With all Bluesound products you can instantly discover and enjoy millions of songs from your existing music services, tune in to your favourite internet radio stations and podcasts from around the world, or access and listen to the music collections stored on your smartphone, tablet or laptop on any and every Player in your home. Simply tap the music you want to hear in the BluOS app, anywhere in the home, and let any BluOS Enabled product be the heart of your listening experience.