T5p Headphones

Beyerdynamic T5p Headphones


Beyerdynamic T5 High-End 3rd Generation Tesla Headphones 

‘Born entertainers that are endlessly listenable, the T5 (3rd Generation) reaffirm the long-standing best-in-class reputation of Beyerdynamic’s flagship model’ – What HiFi? 5 Star Award


Closed high-end headphones for sophisticated music enjoyment at home
Tilted Tesla drivers ensure a clear and natural sound signature
Double-sided, detachable connection cable made from ultra-high-purity OCC7N copper and covered with fabric
High-quality, replaceable ear pads made from protein-coated leatherette with memory foam
T5 High-End Tesla Headphones
Whatever we do at Beyerdynamic, we continue to focus on doing it better with only the highest standards inspiring our strive for perfection. The New T5 marks a new milestone in beyerdynamic’s flagship model.
High-Precision Sound
Beyerdynamic’s T5 headphones are famous for their uncompromising, clear sound quality. Our acoustical engineers have managed to now make them even better. The Third-Generation T5 achieves better, more natural reproduction of high mid-range frequencies. This means the sound signature is even more realistic.
Tesla Technology
The T5’s drivers feature our legendary Tesla Technology. The Tesla drivers are developed, manufactured and individually measured. With extreme precision and particularly realistic sound.
Holistic Design
For its look, the T5 model draws on the design of its open-back sibling, the T1 replicating the sophisticated surface structure of the housing. To optimally cancel out external, ambient noise, the T5 does not however have acoustic openings and therefore presents its own unique visual interpretation.
Perfect Spatiality
The T5 is recommended for noisier environments thanks to its closed back design. External, ambient noise is reduced while sound can’t leak out. The T5’s drivers are tilted to achieve the most spatial sound signature possible. As a result, the music appears “in front” on centre stage.
HI-Res Audio
The T5 headphones are also Hi-Res Audio certified and provide lossless high-resolution sound. This means your music of choice keeps all of its musical details and nuances during playback and sounds as close as possible to the original recording.
Extreme Comfort
The replaceable ear pads made from protein-coated leatherette contain a multi-layer filling which helps fine-tune the sound while also making the headphones extremely comfortable to wear. One of the layers is made from memory foam which adapts to each user and ensures an excellent customised fit. As a result, nothing can stand in the way of a long listening session.
Operating Principle Closed
Transmission Type Wired
Nominal Impedance Headphones 32 ohms
Weight Headphones Without Cable 360 g
Headphone Frequency Response 5 – 50,000 Hz
Nominal Sound Pressure Level 100 dB (1mW)
Sound Coupling To The Ear Circumaural (around the ear)
EAN 4010118717789
CABLE & PLUG 1.40 straight cable (double-sided), OCC 7N copper, textile braided, 3.5 mm jack plug with 6.35 mm jack adapter