Chord Shawline Interconnect


Shawline is fitted with silver-plated Chord VEE 3 RCA plugs with PTFE insulation.

The Tuned ARAY conductor configuration has been designed to improve the Shawline interconnect’s capability of carrying a musical signal coherently. Shawline conductors are built from silver-plated multi-strand oxygen free copper, insulated with high performance PTFE.

The unique shielding has been designed to work across a wide frequency range and reduce mechanical interference. The conductors are contained within a specifically chosen outer jacket to ensure flexibility and to further reduce mechanical noise. The Shawline Tuned ARAY interconnect is extremely transparent and carries signals with a high degree of accuracy. This cable will help you to enjoy your system at its musically coherent best.

This cable is available in custom lengths and can be terminated with RCA, DIN and XLR connections. All connectors feature silver-plated contacts.