Yamaha RXA-1080

Enjoy a new sense of realism from your home cinema, with the Yamaha RX-A1080.

Your personal cinema – Surround:AI
Surround:AI gives the ultimate surround sound – scene by scene. Powerful processing from the DSP (Digital Sound Processor) analyses scenes in real time and then adjusts the surround effect in real time. By focusing on distinct sounds, such as dialogue, background music and sound effects, the RX-A1080 automatically optimises the sound for incredible realism.

Cinema DSP HD3 with Rear Virtual Presence Speaker
The same powerful processor is also able to create the effect of an 11.1 system using just a 7.1 speaker configuration. With VPS (Virtual Presence Speaker) technology in play you get enhanced spatial data, giving a totally immersive sound stage from fewer speakers than before.

Cut the wires to your rear speakers
New to this year’s Aventage range is the option to add wireless rear speakers. Combine this receiver with the Yamaha MusicCast 20 or MusicCast 50 speakers and you can leave aside speaker cable connections. Perfect if you have a solid floor and struggle to hide speaker cable or if you simply want a cleaner style, wireless surround speakers cut down on the clutter.

Recreate the sound from the best cinemas, with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X
Dolby Atmos uses ceiling or upwards firing speakers to produce a multi-dimensional, immersive sound that’s a match for the finest cinemas. DTS:X literally pushes the boundaries of what you can expect from home cinema. It renders images in three dimensions that conventional processing can’t match. It also easily adapts with your existing speaker configuration.

Aventage quality
This Aventage AV receiver boasts exceptional construction quality. Anti-Resonance Technology (ART) makes this AVR exceptionally resistant to mechanical and electrical interference. ART encompasses an H-shape cross member frame and rigid chassis with additional bottom frames, anti-vibration heatsinks and even a fifth damping foot, helping give the RX-A1080 its superb detail and resolution. With a punchy 110 watts of power (at 8 ohms), the RXA1080 is powerful enough for larger rooms and all speaker types.

Comprehensive sockets including three HDMI outputs
Paired with the HDMI inputs, the RX-A1080 boasts no fewer than three HDMI outputs. This lets you connect a TV and projector in your main room and a second TV in another room. With the sockets compatible with HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG and BT.2020 they’re also suitable for use with sources such as UHD Blu-ray players.

Dedicated HDMI Zone B
The RX-A1080 also benefits from a dedicated Zone B output. Zone switching lets you watch and listen to one source in a room and another in a different room. The second zone can also make use of the dedicated pre-amp or speaker outlets for complete independence. Further bonuses include Zone Extra Bass and Zone Volume Equaliser for tailored sound in your second zone.

Alexa voice control now available
With Alexa voice control integration, if you want something, all you have to do is ask. Working in conjunction with Yamaha’s MusicCast system, the RX-A1080 effortlessly plays your music requests. Compatible with Amazon’s range of voice control devices, the RX-A1080 blends seamlessly with your smart home system.

Multi-room, MusicCast system
The Yamaha RX-A1080 is part of Yamaha’s hugely impressive network audio system, MusicCast. With MusicCast, you can control all your compatible Yamaha MusicCast products via your smartphone or even Amazon Alexa by voice. Play the same music on all the components or split the sound into different zones for different moods in each room; the choice is yours. The MusicCast CONTROLLER app lets you operate the system around your home and change settings quickly and easily.

Stream your favourite music services
Compatible with Spotify Premium, Pandora, Napster, Tidal, Deezer and Qobuz, the RXA1080 is fully equipped for your favourite music streaming service. With Tidal and Qobuz already offering higher resolution playback, it’s now possible to find a streaming service that at least matches the quality of CD and, in some cases, even improves upon it.

Apple AirPlay and Bluetooth also included
As well as MusicCast, the RXA1080 also has built-in Apple AirPlay, letting you stream music from your Apple iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or other compatible Apple device, wirelessly. You can also view data such as song title, artist name as well as album art* via the AV receiver’s on-screen display. *Some models don’t support album art display. If you use another brand of smartphone or tablet then you also have Bluetooth, for easy music streaming from your portable device.

Digital radio standard
With both DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) and FM tuners built-in, this Yamaha is ideally equipped for listening to a wide range of stations. Select DAB for a vast range of digital radio stations, including the popular BBC 6 Music, 4 Extra and 5 live. DAB also lets you hear crisp, digital clarity of sound, free from interference. For local stations or a more expansive sound with national stations (roof mounted aerial recommended) FM is also on hand.

Make the hub of your home cinema more versatile than ever, with the Yamaha RX-A1080.