ProAc Response D20R


ProAc Response D20R speakers In order to satisfy demand for Ribbon loaded tweeter speakers ProAc are introducing the brand new Response D20R. The New model takes lot from current ProAc range, most notably the same midrange/bass driver you find in the critically acclaimed D18’s and the same Bass loading system you find in the bigger D30R’s to offer a powerful bass response with good extension and low colouration. The crossover network features audiophile grade components to accurately merge the ribbon tweeter and bass/ midrange unit together seamlessly, whilst never getting in the way of the music. Bass loading by the cabinet has been improved over the D18 to give a solid bass delivery, to create incredibly lifelike sound stage. This combination offers a light, airy and detailed high frequency response but with a powerful bass extension and clear natural midrange to satisfy even the most critical ear. A selection of beautiful real wood veneers enable the D20R’s to look just as good as they sound.