Netstreams PowerLinX 960


Centrally-located network power supply for DigiLinX

The PowerLinX PL960 is an intelligent power supply that is designed to distribute up to 21 amps @ 28 VDC of power for installations incorporating the SpeakerLinX SL251.  Supporting multiple SpeakerLinX products, this tightly-regulated power supply is essential for a DigiLinX system.

The PowerLinX PL960 is a very efficient power supply and features 8 discrete output channels of power for a finite number or DigiLinX devices, via a 4-terminal, removable Quick Connector on the back, for each channel. Advanced thermal protection intelligently protects from current overdraw, and dual-color status LEDs easily provide status information for easy monitoring each output.

  • Powers to up to seven SL251 SpeakerLinX components with up to 960-watts of continuous power for a minimum of 5 minutes, as per the EIA/CEA-490-A amplifier test requirement.
  • NetPower – All DigiLinX devices are assigned a NetPower rating that indicates how much power that devices draws from a PowerLinX. Using the NetStreams NetPower Calculator, the number of required PowerLinX can be estimated.  The NetPower Calculator is available at NetStreams website
  • Centrally Located  -The PL960 is centrally located power supplies capable used to power multiple devices.  DigiLinX devices are connected to the PowerLinX using 16 or 14 gauge wire.  It is recommended that 4 wires are pulled to each device.  This is required for all TouchLinX and for the SL251 and SL254 SpeakerLinX.  These wires connect to the PowerLinX using 4-pin modular connectors.
  • Regulated Power – The PL960 is designed to regulate the power going to the DigiLinX devices using a constant current design that ensures enough power is available for all devices.  Both PowerLinX prevent current overdraw and use LED”s to indicate when a problem exists.
  • Mounting Options – At the rack, PowerLinX can be mounted using a NetStreams PowerLinX rack shelf (sold separately).  This shelf allows up to three PowerLinX to be mounted per shelf and includes blank plates to fill in a partially loaded shelf.