Plato Class A (Ex Demonstration)


Class A Amplifier products nearly always make audiophiles sit up and listen. Our leading home entertainment system is true to form, and achieves the impossible by featuring a Class A Amplifier in an all-in-one box – no other product achieves this. We have carefully engineered cooling systems to enable our ‘hot’ box to run ‘cool’.

With all of the usual benefits from our Plato software such as streaming, high resolution downloads, internet radio management, completely customisable media controls and much more, you’re in for a treat. The Class A Amplifier version of our Plato is truly an audiophile’s choice of home entertainment system.

Along with the ability to rip vinyl, the Plato Class A can also rip CDs. This means your huge catalogue of music sitting at home gathering dust can be digitised easily, and enjoyed regularly once more with zero hassle. All Plato Class A purchases now include an LG Ultra Portable DVD-RW

Ex Demonstration, very little used

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