Naim NDS - Reference Network Player

£7,499.00 £3,999.00

The Ultimate Reference Audiophile Network Player The NDS is a network music player without equal. Inspired by the audio engineering and performance of world beating Naim CD players, and using the latest in high resolution network audio technology, the NDS lifts network streaming and digital audio sources unquestionably into the high-end.

From internet radio to 32bit/192kHz audio, the NDS displays all the musical quality of the finest high-end components.

The NDS takes its place above the award winning ND5 XS and NDX as the reference Naim network player. It is a revolutionary step forward for high-end audio.

Music lives, breathes and communicates Connect an NDS to your existing audio system, and the world of network audio opens for discovery.

It’s a world of high-resolution audio downloads, UPnP™ streaming, and the vast resource of internet radio. But thanks to Naim audio engineering, it’s also a world of very high quality reproduction, where music lives, breathes and communicates.