Tivoli Model One + FM/DAB/Bluetooth Radio


Product Description

Tivoli Audio’s Model One+ is a smart radio that has AM and FM along with DAB/DAB+ radio stations, which it’s predecessor, the Model One BT, did not. It has Bluetooth to connect your own devices and an aux in for any wired devices.

Classic Analogue Design

Designed to complement the rest of the Classic Collection, the Model One+ offers DAB tuning through the big analog inspired dial. To allow for the big screen design it uses a top-firing speaker placed on top of the radio to enhance sound whilst still maintaining it’s classic analogue look. The Model One+ is housed in Tivoli’s signature handmade wood cabinets.

Top Firing Speaker

A heavy magnet long-throw driver is paired to a frequency contouring circuit that automatically adjusts output over half-octave increments. The speaker is then mounted into a ported wood cabinet, resulting in a musically accurate tonal balance and a natural replication of sound.

Preset Controls

As well as basic controls for source, tuning and volume, simple to use presets are added that allow you to save up to 5 stations on each preset. It is accompanied with a remote control, which allows access to additional features, such as alarm clock and display settings.

Radio and Bluetooth

Tivoli Audio’s Model One+ offers DAB/DAB+ and AM/FM radio. Bluetooth is also supported if you wish to listen to your own music wirelessly. For wired listening, the Model One + has an auxiliary line input and headphone output