Magnus Speaker Cable


Ricable Magnus Speaker Cable

Highest quality  speaker cables hand-made in Italy to an exceptional standard at a very great price

Designing Magnus was a real challenge, we wanting to make a series of Hi-End connections at a competitive cost and taking advantage of the know-how from Ricable top of the range cables.

The Magnus Speaker cable allows you to transmit the amplified signal to your speakers more efficiently than “normal” speaker cables and consequently to enjoy all full potential of your system.

  • Magnus Speaker represents the first step towards perfect signal transmission. Its technological solutions are derived from the Dedalus series and guarantee an exclusive and durable support for your devices.
  • CONDUCTOR MARC 70% compared to OFC: 4.3 mm2 Copper 7N MARC (Multicore Annealed RicableConductor) conductors with 0.1 mm stranded strands with a smoother and more compact surface, allow an audio transmission 70% better than OFC Copper. Twisted geometry with 560 wires per conductor isolated with polymer, dramatically improves the audio signal and extends the life of your amplifier.
  • RNR (RICABLE NOISE REDUCTION) TECHNOLOGY: A Germanium semiconductor on all conductors cuts down the background noise and rustling generated by audio media. With this system the sound is more detailed and bright, while maintaining a natural and balanced timbre.
  • Copper/TELLER CONNECTORS 25% compared to BRASS: Banana BFA connectors made of Copper-Tellurium Monobloc which improves the electrical characteristics by more than 25% compared to brass bananas. 24K Gold plated with specific electrolysis technique.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: The quality of the raw materials used, despite the generous dimensions of the cable, allow an enviable flexibility that guarantees easy installation.


Capacitance: 60 pF/m

Resistance: 3.7 Ω/km

Watt RMS supported : 450 W RMS Max

External Diameter : Ø 14 mm

Conductors Section: 4.3 mm²

Construction Conductors : 560 wires per conductor

Strand Diameter : 0,10 mm

Material Conductors : MARC Pure Copper 7N 99.99999%

Geometry: Twisted Conductors

Dielectric Insulating: Thermoplastic Polymer

External Protection: High Density Sheath with Polyethylene/Nylon Sock

Connector Material :  Alloy Copper Tellurium

Contacts :24 K Gold plated

Connectors Features: Banana BFA Professional, 24 K Gold Plated Copper/Tellurium Alloy Body, Gold Plated with specific electrolysis technique Gold/Copper, Magnetic Shell

Special Features :RNR – Germanium Noise Reduction System

3 Metre Pair = £385.00

4 Metre Pair = £443.00

5 Metre Pair = £505.00