Linn Kandid MC Cartridge

In a moving-coil cartridge, coils connected to the stylus move in relation to fixed magnets to create electrical signals. Moving-coil cartridges generally create a lower output than moving-magnet cartridges which means they should be partnered with a phono pre-amplifier with suitable impedance loading such as the Linn Urika or Linn Linto.

One of the key performance improvements comes as a result of removing the cartridge housing – probably also the most striking aesthetic difference we’ve made to Kandid. Stripping back the housing to expose the motor assembly has resulted in an even purer, cleaner sound than ever before.

More accurate audio reproduction is achieved thanks to the repositioning of the stylus and cantilever within the body of the cartridge. The angle of the magnets and coil in the front pole piece has been off-set so that they are parallel when the record is playing which ensures perfect alignment for accurate movement on the record.

Kandid is the perfect partner for our Ekos SE tonearm. The chassis is machined from the same aircraft grade aluminium as the Ekos SE headshell and features our 3-point mount for completely rigid and accurate coupling with the tonearm.

Like all Linn cartidges, KANDID is precision-engineered to protect cherished vinyl recordings whilst maximising your enjoyment of the music.

Linn KANDID represents Linn cartridge engineering at its finest.