Rega Fono MC(2017)



This exceptionally high quality MC phono stage has been designed with the maximisation of any MC cartridge’s potential in mind. The Rega Fono MC Phono Stage, although it has been designed specifically to compliment the latest range of Rega moving coils, will offer full adjustability for loading via dip switches that have been conveniently placed on the rear panel with two different gain settings found on the back panel, enabling compatibility with most low output moving coil cartridges.Designed to reproduce music beautifully, the Rega Fono MC Phono Stage uses the Linear Systems low noise LSK389 FET in a discrete input stage where low noise and linearity are vital in achieving the best from an MC cartridge. The high impedance of FET means the loading effects of the amplifier circuit become miniscule, leaving the performance of the cartridge unimpeded.

A MUSE operational amplifier can be found in the Fono MC’s RUAA equalisation amplifier, Polypropylene capacitors are used in the signal path and in the RIAA equalisation circuits. Selectable input loading in the Fono MC is used for resistance and capacitance along with two different gain settings. These make the Fono MC compatible with most low output MC cartridges.

Aesthetically, the Fono MC benefits from the same aluminium case as the Rega TTPSU and Fono MM amplifier, allowing seamless integration within those products to create a beautiful system.

  • Works best to compliment Rega moving coils
  • Maximises any MC cartridge potential
  • Dip switches on the rear panel
  • Full adjustability