Beyerdynamic DT-990 Edition Headphones


Please note, these headphones are available in three different impedance versions. This model is the 32 ohms version. Ideal for use with smartphones and portable devices.


A pro classic, tweaked. The Beyerdynamic DT 990 Edition brings everyday comfort and street style to the studio legend.

Based on a studio legend
For many decades now, Beyerdynamic’s DT 990 PRO headphones have set the standard for open back, studio use headphones. Designed for articular, insightful sound, durability and comfort, the DT 990 PROs continue to be an ideal choice for studio pro and semi-pro use.

Optimised for comfort and style
This DT 990 Edition variant takes all that’s great about the PRO model and makes it more comfortable for day-to-day use. The headband is softer and more forgiving. Rather than being coiled, the cable is a standard, straight version. The sleek style with silver louvres and ear pad yokes also moves the game on from the studio and into the streets.

32 ohms rating for music on the move
This 32 ohms version makes the perfect pairing for use with low output devices, such as a smartphone, tablet or portable player. A lower impedance makes them easier to drive, meaning you don’t have to max out the volume control (and drain the battery faster) to get powerful, dynamic sound.

Open back for open sound
The DT 990 Edition uses an open, circumaural design for spacious and natural sound. Although open back designs do leak sound, they counter with a much more ‘out of the head’ sound, making them sound less enclosed. For this reason, they’re often the choice of music connoisseurs and professionals alike.

Comfort built-in
Just like Beyerdynamic’s other headphones, the DT990 Edition headphones are built for comfort. The large, fully adjustable pads envelope your ears, with velour ear pads for comfort. The headband is also deeply padded. Fitted with a one-sided cable, you won’t find the cable sitting uncomfortably across you while you’re concentrating on the music.

Durable quality
Handmade in Germany, the DT 990 Editions are every bit as well built as you’d expect from a pair of pro headphones. With extensive use of aluminium in the construction, these headphones aren’t just comparatively light, they’re also durable and feature many replaceable parts.

Supplied with accessories
Terminated with a 3.5mm plug, the 3m cable is ideal for use at home or on the move. A 6.35mm adaptor jack for connecting to your home hi-fi is also supplied. When you’re not using them, the headphones store safely in a zip-up travel bag.