Deldalus Signal-RCA Interconnect


Key Features

The Dedalus Signal cable allows you to enjoy an extraordinary transparency, making your listening more natural, more vivid, more real. Dedalus Signal performs a prodigy far more important than adding something to your system, it allows nothing to be lost along the way.

  • DRAFT: Dedalus Signal is a Hi-End cable with marked Audiophile characteristics, deriving directly from the Invictus Signal series. It stands out for its neutrality and detail, thanks to a bright and musical sound that gives a well defined and balanced soundstage. Dedalus Signal is designed to connect electronics where you want to bring out the best features of the devices.
  • MARC CONDUCTOR 70% compared to OFC: 0.55 mm2 copper 7N MARC (Multicore Annealed Ricable Conductor) conductors with 0.08 mm strands with a smoother and more compact surface, allowing 70% better audio transmission than OFC copper.
  • COPPER CONNECTORS 30% compared to BRASS: RCA connectors made entirely of Copper with hot pole expansion system. With these connectors 24K Gold plated with specific electrolysis technique Gold/Copper, there is an improvement in electrical parameters of over 30% compared to common brass connectors.
  • REFINED CONSTRUCTION: Semi-balanced geometry with insulation and conductor stranded with crank pin detorsion to eliminate any stress on the conductors. The insulating materials used derive from R-TEC technology with special polyethylenes and treated cotton. Triple total shielding with mixed Copper/Aluminium/Magnesium system to cover all audio frequencies from EMI/RFI interference.
  • DEDALUS DOES NOT CORRECT, BUT REVEALS: All technical and constructional measures have a very precise purpose: to maintain an impeccable neutrality and at the same time, allow the devices to reveal their true quality. Because coloring the signal is the antithesis of the search for a sound faithful to the original.

Dedalus Signal Series Models:

0.5 Metre=£352.00

1.0 Metre=£378.00

2.0 Metre=£432.00

3.0 Metre=£482.00