Rega DAC-R


24-Bit/192kHz Rega DAC-R Features Two Buffer-Stage-Driven Wolfson DACs, Enhanced Circuitry, Upgraded Remote Control, Fully Asynchronous USB, User-Selectable Filters

Simple, elegant, aurally captivating: The Rega DAC became one of the most acclaimed and best-selling audiophile devices of the past decade. DAC-R updates the original by adding an enhanced version of the circuitry, a new remote control, a fully asynchronous USB, and three user-selectable digital filters. Two buffer-stage-driven Wolfson DAC chips effortlessly handle up to 24-bit/192kHz. That the easy-to-use DAC-R sounds even better than its predecessor yet costs just a smidgen more means only one thing: Sonic ecstasy is nigh for more music lovers.

Fully Asynchronous USB, Optimal Two-Channel Digital Performance
DAC-R incorporates an enhanced version of the Rega designed circuit and offers the highest-possible resolution over all inputs, including fully asynchronous USB with the addition of remote functionality. Simple to set up and use, DAC-R optimizes performance from any two-channel PCM digital audio source. It plays high-quality lossless files such as WAV, FLAC, and ALAC in a fidelity equal to, and in some cases better than, CD. Great care has been taken to remove noise generated by the PC and other input sources.

Three User-Selectable Filters, Myriad Inputs, Dedicated Power Supplies
DAC-R is housed in a custom aluminum and steel case. It boasts a pair of Wolfson DAC ICs, and three user selectable digital filters as well as one isolated asynchronous USB, two isolated coaxial inputs, and two Toslink SPDIF inputs. The optical and coaxial input stage comprises a Wolfson digital receiver with a high-stability, low-jitter clock driving the receiver PLL. The receiver and PLL have their own dedicated power supplies.

Parallel-Connected Wolfson DACs, Plus Total Isolation From Host Computer
The DAC stage involves pair of parallel-connected Wolfson WM8742 DACs driven via a buffer stage, which ensures the integrity of the data being fed to the DAC ICs. The USB input stage is comprised of a bit-perfect XMOS USB Audio 2.0 with asynchronous clocking. The USB input stage feeds the optical and coaxial input stage via an isolating transformer, giving total isolation from the host computer.

Loaded With High-Grade Parts Inside and Out
The output amplifier employs a discrete differential, multiple feedback filter with a high cut-off frequency for use with higher sample rates. Rega decided not to use a sample rate converter and process the data at the incoming sample rate, which keeps the signal processing to a minimum. Jitter is minimized by synchronously clocking the digital data with the receiver PLL (removing any jitter from the input signal). All capacitors associated with the analog signal path are bypassed with MMK polyester capacitors. Low-impedance conductive polymer capacitors are used for DAC decoupling. The power supply utilizes a toroidal transformer, fast rectifier diodes, and audio-grade capacitors. Finally, there is a power supply for the control micro controller, separate from the digital and analog audio stages.

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