Chora 826

Focal Chora 826 Speakers


Ideal for cinematic and big-scale stereo sound
With the largest cabinet in the Chora range, plus an impressive array of drivers, the 826 punches hard. The size makes it ideal for larger rooms and effortless performance at high volume levels. Thanks to its front-facing bass port, this stylish Focal speaker works well placed closer to a rear wall than usual.

Twin woofers for thumping bass
This 3-way Focal speaker has not one but two woofers dedicated to bass; in each speaker. Delivering bass response to match many a subwoofer, the Chora 826 digs deeper and goes louder. Ideal for under-pinning all-action soundtracks or stadium music alike, the Chora 826 delivers expansive, powerful bass.

Time alignment gives enhanced cohesion
The Chora 826 features a time alignment stand. This tilts the speaker upwards, meaning the sound from the tweeter and woofer is aligned in the time it takes to reach your ears. Time alignment provides better interaction between treble and mid-range, making the music sound more cohesive and ‘together’ across the frequency response.

Slatefiber cone for balanced sound
The three characteristics required for smooth, natural sound from a speaker driver are rigidity, lightness and damping. Focal’s impressive new Slatefiber cone hits all three targets – and then some. Using non-woven, carbon fibres, sandwiched between layers of thermoplastic polymer, the woofer cone provides the perfect composition for smooth, precise sound – whatever the type of music.

TNF tweeters for smooth precision
Derived from the reference Focal Utopia’s Beryllium tweeter, the TNF tweeters use aluminium and magnesium with Poron suspension for an exceptionally smooth yet detailed sound. The Poron surround reduces distortion at a point critical to human hearing, giving silky-smooth treble. The classic Focal inverted dome is also present – helping to give a broader spread of sound in your room.

Sleek style – just choose your colour
Crisp, contemporary design makes these speakers stand out, without jarring. The crisp edges contrast with the magnetically attached, rounded grille. Choose between black, dark wood and light wood finishes for a style that best suits your room.

Immerse yourself in the music, with the enveloping sound from the Focal Chora 826.

Open Box pair in Light Wood Finish at £1099.00