Yamaha CDS-700

This is one of the most musically accurate players you can get for the money.” ‘Techrader’. 5-star review.

Exclusive Yamaha loading mechanism
Rather than using a bog standard CD drive, Yamaha have selected an exclusive design for the CDS700. The result is not only superior quietness but also greater precision from more accurate reading of the disc’s data.

Differential DAC for ultra-low background noise
At the heart of the CDS700 is a top quality Burr Brown DAC (Digital to Analogue Convertor) running in differential mode. This ensures the lowest noise and highest precision for the most natural reproduction of music.

Quality construction
It’s not just the inside of this CD player that Yamaha have lavished attention on; the outside is impressively made, too. With its aluminium front panel, the CDS700 is well shielded against electrical interference from devices such as light dimmers. Large isolation feet make the Yamaha resistant to mechanical vibration, meaning less distortion to the sound. A final touch of quality is the low resistance, gold-plated phono connections.

USB port for great sound from your memory stick
Another great feature with this CD player is the front-mounted USB socket. Plug in your USB memory device and you’ll benefit from using the high quality DAC built into the Yamaha.

Class-leading quality meets the most natural sound quality with the impressive Yamaha CDS700.

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