Carina FS247.4 Speakers

Elac Carina FS247.4 Speakers


Jones has already created numerous high end audio designs but these have soared to even greater levels under the ELAC brand.

Elac-Carina-247Ribbon Tweeters

In contrast to the 3-way concentric-drive unit design employed in the Uni-Fi line, the 2.5-way 241 floorstanding speaker employs a JET tweeter, new curvature for the woofer driver and a down-firing port that enhances the synergy between the two.


This combination grants wide dynamic range, minimum distortion, ultra-fast response and a broader frequency range than standard dome tweeters. It is couple with a pair of 13.5cm aluminium midrange/bass driver for a 2.5-way design and a 12Hz lowering of the 243’s bass response to 35Hz. The use of aluminum positions resonances that damage the linearity of standard paper cones beyond the operating frequency range of the drive.

Magnet Design

A larger magnet incorporating a vented pole piece boosts power handling for exact reproduction of clear and dynamic bass frequencies. Carina 247 features a nominal impedance rated at 6 Ohms as well as downwards-firing reflex ports designed to lower ventilation noise. The curved cabinet comes in sleek satin white or black finishes.