Tellurium Q Black RCA

“Tellurium Q Black is the Hi-Fi World ‘Best Cable 2010’”

The TQ Black interconnect is a very popular cable and for good reason, at it’s price point it offers excellent value for money against similarly priced or even considerably more expensive rival cables

Tellurium Q is the first range of cables specifically engineered to avoid phase-distortion. To achieve this goal, this made-in-England cable has received attention to every parameter, both electrical and mechanical. Conductor material, construction, doping and geometry; dielectric properties and vibrational damping – these along with perfectly balanced inductance, capacitance and resistance result in a cable range with unique virtues. By avoiding the time-smear and colourations that are caused by phase distortion, the nuances, dynamics and rhythmic insight of the performance are preserved. Tellurium Q cables simply reveal the music.