Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Product information

With a breadth of dynamism and an ultra-comfort fit, the ATH-MSR7NC High-Resolution Over-Ear Headphones deliver high-resolution audio that is rich in detail and is crisp and clear, making them one of the most accomplished headphones on the market.

Enjoy your music without outside interferences and nuances due to the Noise-Cancelling and venting technologies. The 360� omnidirectional noise-cancelling feature prevents any nuances such as wind noise or sounds caused due to head movement from spilling into your audio, giving you consistent audio. The Noise-Cancelling function has a battery life of 30 hours and comes with a USB cable to charge.

High-Resolution Audio
Exclusive to the Audio Technica ATH-MSR7NC, 45mm True Motion Drivers deliver exceptional high-resolution audio to your ears. Due to the highly responsive diaphragm and lightweight voice coil, you can count on controlled transients to deliver your favourite tracks in studio master quality.

Remarkable Dynamics
The ATH-MSR7NC produces a remarkable dynamic range that breathes new life into your favourite tracks. Due to the two acoustic resistors, bass is given more accuracy, without appearing overbearing, treble flows much more smoothly and mid range frequencies are given more prominence, resulting in audio with more depth and clarity.

Ultra-Comfortable Fit
Over-ear headphones have never been as comfortable as the ATH-MSR7NC due to the memory foam earpads and their ability to shape themselves around your ears. The padded headband and the memory earpads ensure that your longer listening experience is comfortable throughout.

Adjustable Listening
Accompanied with two 1.2 metre cables, one with an integrated controller and microphone and one standard cable, you have the option of choosing which one you need depending on the purpose.

The headphones also come with a USB charging cable, an airline adapter and a carrying pouch for when not in use.