Yamaha AS-501 Amplifier

Following on from the award-winning AS500, the Yamaha AS501 offers the same great sound but now with even better connectivity.

Built for power
With a high specification, including custom-made components, the Yamaha AS501 has been designed to fill even the largest rooms with rich, dynamic sound. A large power supply with dual heat sinks ensures a loud and punchy sound without the risk of overheating. Put together, these features give the powerful, 85W Yamaha a majestic sound quality with the scale and range of a much more expensive amp.

Putting sound first
The Yamaha AS501 directly benefits from Yamaha’s ToP-ART and ART construction, which ensures that left and right channels are perfectly symmetrical throughout the design and signal paths as short as possible. This meticulous attention to detail offers the highest precision and lowest distortion possible.

Quality construction
Complementing this circuit design is ART (Anti-Resonance and Tough) construction. Featuring a reinforced casing and damped base support to reduce mechanical vibration, it all helps improve the precision and detail of the sound. For the ultimate in audio purity, the Pure Direct switch bypasses the tone and balance controls for an even more detailed, true-to-life sound quality.

Bluetooth plus digital inputs
With hi-fi systems being asked to handle more and more digital sources, Yamaha has equipped the AS501 to cope with ease. Optical and coaxial digital inputs are on hand to connect up your TV, CD player or other source with digital output. Add the optional Yamaha YBA-11 Bluetooth receiver and you’ll be able to effortlessly link up your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth equipped device, giving you simple, wireless music streaming.

Plenty of connections
In addition to the digital connections, the AS501 comes with a wide range of other sockets. There are five line level inputs, two recording loops and a phono input for your turntable. More unusually in a stereo amplifier, there’s also a subwoofer output. There are two sets of, separately switched, speaker sockets and a headphone output. A remote control that will also operate other Yamaha devices is included, too.

With such a complete spec, the Yamaha AS501 is still very much the amp that has it all!

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