Rega Ania MC Cartidge


The Rega Ania MC Cartridge is the latest member of Rega’s MC cartridge family. The Ania takes inspiration from the success of the Apheta 2 and Aphelion MC cartridges, using the same complex hand wound micro coil that can be found in the rest of the range. The Ania is housed in a unique PPS highly rigid body. This ensures accurate construction, and Rega’s three point fixing method guarantees optimum connection to the headshell and automatic setting for overhang.

The Rega Ania MC Cartridge’s new body is protected by a CAD designed, clear rigid cover that ensures the internal fine wires are protected and making handling whilst fitting safe and free from risk. A super-high-powered, neodymium magnet is featured on the Ania Cartridge along with a coil that has been meticulously hand-wound on to an iron cross. The miniature assembly has allowed greater freedom in the tracking of vinyl grooves, maintaining consistently great detail from the vinyl record.

All of these features combine to produce a balanced and dynamic performance that will deliver a stunning result from your vinyl records. The Anina is perfect for the Rega Planar 3, Planar 6, or the RP8 turntables.

  • Inspired by the success of the Apheta 2 and Aphelion cartridges
  • Super high powered, neodymium magnet
  • Unique PPS highly rigid housing
  • CAD designed, clear rigid cover