Moor Amps Angel-Pre Buffered Pre Amplifier


  • An incredibly natural sound for instruments and vocals
  • Fine detail resolution and transparency
  • Very short audio path to avoid colouration


And did we mention the remote?

Probably overkill, hewn from a billet of aluminium, it’s tactile, it feels gorgeous, and has real switches for positive feel and a long life expectancy.
Alongside the simple audio signal path are more complex switching and integration options. High quality gold crosspoint relays are used to give low noise and musically transparent selection of inputs and outputs.

  • 4 x inputs for line level sources are available
  • Tape loop output and monitoring input
  • Line out for connecting to external Headphone Amp
  • G=1 (Unity gain) input to integrate with AV systems


A high quality ALPS volume control is used, with paralleled gangs for long life, quiet operation. Motorised of course, for operation from the remote control. Soft Mute provides a ramp-down and ramp up without annoying clicks. Quiet Mute (music continues at low level) or Silent Mute programmable options

Heavy machined aluminium panels of varying thicknesses clamped together provide a strong self-damping enclosure, preventing sound pressure and vibration from disturbing the musical transparency of the Pre-Amp.

High quality machined RCA connectors are used to provide low resistance, trouble-free cable termination for many years to come. Independent supply feeds for the output buffers, plus their low-feedback analogue regulation circuits for the best possible sound quality.

  • 4 x Line level passive inputs
  • 1 x G=1 (Unity Gain) inputs for use with AV systems
  • 1 x Tape loop monitor input
  • L/R Outputs to power amp RCA single ended
  • L/R Outputs to power amp XLR balanced
Tape Loop Output:
  • Line level output (ie. Headphone amp out)
Volume Control:
  • High quality ALPS volume control
  • Motorised for use with remote control
  • Soft mute with quiet or silent options
Frequency Response:
  • 5Hz to 50kHz +/- 1dB
Low Power Standby:
  • Standby power less than 0.5W
  • 2 standby outputs to power amplifiers
Mains Power:
  • IEC inlet cable for 230V AC 50Hz mains
  • Optional 115V AC 60Hz version available
Power Consumption:
  • Maximum 15VA
  • Standby < 0.5W
Measurements – Pre Amplifier (Unpackaged) Dimensions:
  • (WxDxH): 430 x 260 x 65 mm
  • Weight: 3 kg
Measurements – Pre Amplifier (Packaged) Dimensions:
  • (WxDxH): 500 x 336 x 120 mm
  • Weight: 4 kg