A20 Headphone Amplifier

Beyer Dynamic A20 Headphone Amplifier


Beyerdynamic A20 Headphone Amplifier




-Particularly open, transparent sound
-Two 6.35 mm headphone outputs for shared listening with a partner
-Elegant and especially resonance-free full metal housing
-Can be connected easily to any high-level source for 600-Ohm headphones
-Made in Germany

A True Champion in Compact Format
A headphone amplifier for demanding music lovers. The headphone amplifier A 20 is a true champion in a compact format. The dynamic, open and precise sound sets it apart from what can be found in the normal output stages of regular amplifiers or receivers. It is the perfect choice for all music lovers who want to get the best out of their headphones in the living area or at the computer. Rediscover your headphones with the A 20!

Best Sound and Flexibility Combined
With a high-gain RCA input, the A 20 works easily with most sources. The input signal can be looped through and is entirely free from signal loss thanks to the hard-wired RCA output. The A 20 guarantees an especially open and transparent sound with any headphones, no matter if having a low or a high impedance. Also in terms of flexibility, the A 20 leaves nothing to be desired: the knob made of solid aluminium is equipped with an original ALPS potentiometer for variable volume control. The discrete output stage provides plenty of power, even for high-impedance headphones, as well as a balanced sound for long periods of comfortable listening. On top of that, the A 20 features dual headphone jacks on the front.

Attractive and Robust
With its housing made of brushed aluminium, the A 20 is not only especially resonance-free but also displays an attractive appearance. Without any visible screws or seams on the housing, it appears to be made of just one piece.


Hi-Res Audio
The A 20 is Hi-Res Audio certified and can handle high-resolution audio files which, when played back, retain all their musical details and come as close as possible to the original recording.