603 S2

603 S2 Anniversary


”There’s much to like about these speakers: working hard, and with a powerful amp and clean recordings, they can deliver a rich, well-layered and involving sound.” ’Hi-Fi News’ – Highly Commended.

Happy anniversary!
For over 25 years, the Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series has constantly been at the top of its class for sound quality and value. Featuring improved drive units, revised crossover electronics and a smart new aesthetic, the 603 Anniversary Edition celebrates its time at the top in style.

Floorstanding power
As the largest speakers in the 600 Series Anniversary Edition, the 603s are ideal for larger rooms. With their wide frequency response and deep bass, they also make the perfect speakers for listening to everything from stadium rock to full-scale Classical music. Add centre and smaller speakers from the 600 Anniversary Edition and create a mind-blowing home cinema speaker system – with matched tonality right the way around your room.

Crystal-clear treble – made better
Using an upgraded neodymium magnet and other components from the 700 Series, the revised tweeter unit is better than ever. The 603 Anniversary Edition continues with Bowers & Wilkins’ acclaimed Decoupled Double Dome tweeter design. The top end now reaches a higher range before breakup – giving improved harmonics, less distortion and improved detail. Whatever type of music you listen to, the 603 Anniversary Edition sounds more lifelike than ever.

Continuum mid-range cone for incredible realism
First developed for Bowers & Wilkins flagship 800-series, the Continuum woofer design shows exceptional ability for this class of speaker. The highly developed design helps deliver class-leading vocals that makes the singers sound as though they’re in the room with you. As this driver is dedicated to the mid-range, you’ll hear even more detail than on the smaller models.

The power to impress – now with revised woofers
With not one but two, improved bass cones per speaker, the 603 Anniversary Edition delivers a deep, powerful bass. As this is a 3-way speaker, the woofers are dedicated to bass, meaning they can concentrate on the bottom end of business, without having to reproduce critical mid-range information, such as vocals. In effect, this means they act as a separate subwoofer, pulling down the bass to window-rattling levels. The revised paper cones offer a faster and punchier bass than before.

Detailed improvements inside for even better sound
It’s not just what you can see that makes these speakers so special, it’s what you can’t see, too. Using the same capacitors as deployed on Bowers and Wilkins’ prestigious 700 Series Signature model, these speakers now offer greatly improved resolution and transparency. This promotes a greater connection with your music, for an emotional connection.

Class-leading style, perfected
Already a slick-looking speaker, the new 600 Series Anniversary Edition enhances its appeal and offers a brand new finish. As well as matte black and matte white, a new oak finish with matte white baffle is also available.

With the power to impress, the Bowers & Wilkins 603 Anniversary Edition makes every track a performance to remember.