Moor Amps

Moor Amps

The Angel amplifers were designed with a simple mission – music so real you close your eyes and they’re in the room playing to you. It’s a simple sounding mission at one level, but it turned out to be a bit complex. To get there, an amplifier has to excel at a long list of different, sometimes contradictory, requirements. Listening tests showed that low feedback amplifers are the most natural musically, but the control over the speaker a ‘muscle amp’ gives is equally important.

To get the most from a low feedback amplifier design, the Angel amplifiers also use:

* A multi-island linear power supply to help deliver the full dynamic range of the music

* Low feedback discrete regulators for natural and neutral tonality

* Dual-Mono construction for channel isolation and imaging

* Top quality components for long life expectancy at low stress

* Custom low noise toroidal audio transformer with independent secondaries

* A low-resonance casing with heavy machined panels to reduce microphony and preserve transparency of fine musical nuances


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