About Nuvo

The Nuvo line of whole home audio systems and components has evolved from a musical lineage of superbly manufactured products.

You can trust that the people who know how to produce music are the ones who know how to deliver it. With a team of performing artists and a history of instrument manufacturing, the Nuvo line is designed by people with passion for music.

Born in 2002 from a critical ear and love for music, the Nuvo line was developed by Hanser Music Group, a manufacturer of premium musical brands including B.C. Rich Guitars and Kustom Amplification. From the onset, the team was dedicated to advancing the in-home audio experience.

Acquired by Legrand in 2012, the Nuvo line continues to deliver quality sound from the most cutting-edge technologies. Com- mitted to honoring the tradition of amplifying music with the utmost care for the artists and their intentions, Legrand uses an incredible sensitivity to sound to distribute audio all throughout the home without ever losing its feeling.


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