About DynAudio

At the very centre of our headquarters in Skanderborg, Denmark, is our cutting-edge Dynaudio Labs complex – home to almost 50 designers and engineers and product-development staff. And in the middle of that is our state-of-the-art Jupiter measuring facility. We use it to inform the breakthroughs that end up in living rooms, recording studios and cars all over the world. Our company is full of inquisitive and innovative colleagues daring to take chances and try new paths – and everyone’s always ready to learn and update their skills.

Everyone who works at Dynaudio – whether they’re in sales, the post-room, management, marketing or on the factory floor – ‘gets it’. They understand our products, our philosophy and our commitment to quality, and we all depend on each individual employee giving his or her best. We’re proud of what we do, and we’re proud that we never accept ‘good enough’ as being good enough. We like each other, we help each other and – most importantly – we make sure we support each other.


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