The Chord Company

About The Chord Company

The Chord Company has been designing, manufacturing and selling interconnects and speaker cable for over 25 years. The company and all those who work there have a commitment to:

Producing high quality products

Every cable that The Chord Company supplies is designed within the company and apart from a couple of exceptions, every product is assembled and tested at the company’s facility, set deep in the heart of Wiltshire. The Company was started in 1985 to produce and sell the Chord Chrysalis interconnect range.

The product line-up has evolved naturally but always with reference to existing Chord cables. This makes the Chord interconnect and speaker cable range remarkably consistent. The essential balance of performance characteristics is maintained throughout the range.

Right from the start, The Chord Company understood the need to ensure that the manufacture and termination process of its products needed to be extremely consistent. This near-obsession with manufacture is a critical factor in maintaining the remarkably coherent performance and quality that Chord products are known for.


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