About Us


Gulliford Hi Fi was first established in 1977 at Gulliford House at Mamhead. Many moves and changes have occurred since then, passing through Radfords and Audio Excellence Exeter, before in December 2005 returning back to Gulliford Hi Fi at 156 Sidwell Street, and finally to 97 Sidwell Street where we are today. The staff have remained virtually unchanged since 1990, with Mike and Grace Simmonds and Ian Phillips. Ian is shop based and Mike runs the Custom Install Department.

In 1977 we set out to demonstrate and supply products of excellent sound quality, build quality and service support. Most of those companies still remain with us today, Arcam, Linn, Naim, Proac, Rega, Cyrus, (which originated from Mission) and Bowers and Wilkins to name a few. We, as a consequence, retain many of our customers from the seventies through to today.

Hi Fi and Stereo is where we started and today that remains a fundamental part of our business ,with turntable sales on the rise. Streaming of music has created yet anothersource for the system.

In view of the changing market demands, we first invested in Custom Install products in 1991 with a Systemline multi-room audio system, we still demonstrate the latest version in the shop. The manufacturers we base systems on today or maintain from the past include Linn DS, Naimnet and Netstreams, Savant, Lutron Homeworks Nuvo, Speakercraft, Living Control, SimpleAudio, Systemline and Sonos. These solutions range in operation from a fully wired and connected system through to wireless design and even up to full IP based systems.

Home Cinema has become part of the way of life with most of our house projects including either projection systems, plasma/LED displays, or both. Television has changed with the switchover to digital, which allows Freeview, Freeview HD, Freesat and Freesat HD, as well as the pay-for Satellite companies.

Streaming from the Internet has become the fastest growing part of the media market and is invariably built into many projects.