Welcome to Gulliford HiFi Exeter

Gulliford Hi Fi was first established in 1977 at Gulliford House, Mamhead.

We set out to choose products that were great sounding, maintained a value and had the service and backup support from the suppliers, to ensure aftersales reflected our commitment to customer care.

At Gulliford HiFi we can Demonstrate HiFi systems from a range of manufactures including Naim, Rega, Exposure,Yamaha, and ProAc.

We have a range of in house service facilities as well as being service agents for Linn products and Naim Audio

Monday = Closed

Tuesday = 9.30-5.30

Wednesday = 9.30-5.30

Thursday = 9.30-5.30

Friday = 9.30-5.30

Saturday = 9.00-4.30


Vacancy: Part Time AV/IT Technician, Able to work flexible hours, Current full driving licence. Good working knowledge  IT networks and ability to transfer that application to Multi-room/ AV systems.

Please email support@gullifordhifi.co.uk  for more information including current CV and Covering letter.

Naim Supernait 3

In the six years since the last NAIT integrated amplifiers were released, our research and development team have worked on a range of amplifier improvements. The result is upgraded power amplifier sections for SUPERNAIT 3, delivering greater pace and intimacy to their musical delivery – whether it’s driving a pair of loudspeakers or your favourite pair of headphones.

SUPERNAIT 3 has received significant performance upgrades, including a built-in phono stage, making it a perfect partner for turntables, as well as for streamers, CD players, or any other music source people want to enjoy with the signature Naim sound.

Naim NAIT XS 3 Now on demonstration.

The NAIT XS 3 offers much of the performance of our reference quality SUPERNAIT 3 in a simpler, slimmer package combining a 70W power amplifier with five analogue inputs plus a phono stage. Its high-performance preamplifier stage is as transparent as you would expect from a Naim Audio amplifier, and it also shares the single-ended class-A headphone output of its larger sibling.

The NAIT XS 3 can be upgraded with our external power supplies, power amplifiers and even cabling upgrades to get the best from all sources.

Graham Audio VOTU – Voice of the Universe

Building on the research and development that delivered the bespoke SYSTEM3D – a high quality professional sound reinforcement loudspeaker originally designed for the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London – the VOTU brings new levels of refinement and authority to the discerning home enthusiast or professional user alike.

The VOTU uses two 10″ drivers which cover the bass frequencies and extend up to 800Hz, where a refined 3″ soft dome driver takes over, covering the critical midrange region until 4kHz, at which point the high power 34mm soft dome tweeter comes in to play. The midrange dome is mounted above the tweeter to improve the integration between it and the tweeter.

The crossover network uses high grade capacitors and air core inductors that won’t saturate at high power levels. These premium components ensure that harmonic distortion is kept at extremely low levels for maximum preservation of low-level detail.

As with all Graham Audio loudspeakers, the cabinet follows BBC “thinwall” practice, where careful damping of the relatively thin panels is designed to move all colourations away from the midrange area where we are most sensitive to low-level resonances. The sculpted 3-part front panel and high-gloss lacquered finish will suite both classic and modern interiors.

The Rega Planar 8 Turntable is now on demonstration!!!

The Planar 8 has one goal, to reproduce your vinyl as accurately as possible. We have engineered every aspect of this turntable to extract as much detail from the vinyl surface as possible.

Innuos Zen and Zen Mini music servers now on demonstration.

Enjoy all your music perfectly organised in one place with pristine playback to your Hi-Fi or multiroom music system with our music servers.
Also love movies? Then go no further than our Movie and Music Servers to store and stream your movies to your Home Cinema, Apple TVs or SmartTVs.
Please contact for more information on the right server for your requirements

Moor Amps now on demonstration

Angel 6 Pre & Power

The Angel-Pre is all about transparency and natural musical flow. Extensive listening tests led to a simple passive audio design. This couples with advanced integration with your source components and AV systems.The Angel 6 can drive even the most demanding of speakers to high levels, where other amplifiers start to compress and sound strained. By using only top quality components and combining low-feedback design with high current delivery, this design will make you believe the music is being played in the room just for you.