Anthem MRX-510 (Ex Dem)

£1,699.00 £999.00

Home Cinema Choice recently reviewed the MRX510 and heavily praised the receiver ‘The Anthem’s total authority means every element of the soundstage is perfectly optimised’ – ‘It’s impossible not to recommend the Anthem MRX 510 enough’ – ‘The Anthem’s full-bodied, tight and atmospheric aural delivery makes it an imperative purchase’.  With the MRX 510 A/V receiver is everything you need to drive a music and home theater system is contained in one component. The MRX510 is a space-saving, cost-effective alternative to separates (i.e. a preamplifier, A/V processor and separate external power amplifier).

Anthem MRX510 At A Glance:

  • Superb high-quality amp performance includes Anthem’s Advanced Load Monitoring to keep a constant eye on output.
  • ARC™ 1M, an enhanced version of Anthem Room Correction ensures the speakers’ award-winning sound isn’t lost in a less-than-perfect room situation.