Linn Kiko Active Music System

Linn Kiko Music System. Linn Kiko is the music system people have been waiting for – small, colourful, elegant – and it sounds fantastic too. This fabulous new system comprises a Kiko DSM Network Music Player & Integrated Amplifier & Aktiv Kiko Speakers. All you need for great sound in any room, this compact streaming system has been designed to bring music to the spaces people enjoy spending time and socialising. This is hi-fi for the modern home. Featuring a built-in digital cross-over, the system ships as fully Aktiv ‘out-of-the-box’, giving you a simple system that is already optimised for great performance. With 7 inputs – including 3 HDMI – All the inputs needed to connect the modern home: HD TV, Blu-Ray player, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii…and with the Songcast app enabling any network source, Kiko can play and share any computer-based audio too. Beautifully designed, sleek and compact, it’s small enough to find a place in any room – living room, kitchen, study or bedroom. Crucially, Linn’s new Network Music System also has the perfect sound and build quality you expect from a Linn system. Designed to complement any room, available in 6 contemporary colours (Black, Silver, White, Champagne, Dark Blue, Light Blue) and can be positioned horizontally or vertically, with the option of wall-mounting the speakers. Kiko is also great for multiroom, making a perfect 2nd, 3rd or even 4th room solution and giving customers music all around the home using the same music library and controllers they already have. Save valuable time with a quick and painless install using our new Setup Wizard, which provides a simple step-by-step guide to connecting your system, complete with tests and diagnostics. Linn’s new Media Server instantly shares any iTunes music library with Kinsky and removes any need for Twonky, Asset etc