Pakedge WAP-W3N

Pakedge WAP-W3N
Brand: Pakedge
Product Code: WAP-W3N
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The WAP-W3N was designed for utmost flexibility. The WAP-W3N supports VLANs and multiple SSIDs, enabling you to segment yourwireless network for diverse clients, including computers, touch panels, and guests. The WAP-W3N was designed for exceptional functionality with touch panels and other control devices.
The WAP-W3N's innovative "trapezoid face" housing facilitates the optimal antenna positions for the highest 802.11n throughput. The rugged heavy-gauge aluminum enclosure is attractive and subtle, yet suitable for any interior environment, e.g., attics and wiring closets. It can be wall- or rack-mounted (1U rack), or placed on a desk.
The WAP-W3N can be configured in four modes: (1) Wireless Access Point (WAP), (2) Wireless Bridge, (3) Wireless Repeater, or (4) Wireless Distribution System (WDS). Power output and range are fully configurable, and the WAP-W3N is fully 802.3af-compliant, so it can be powered by any 802.3af PoE switch on the market.
Finally – custom installations are easy, because the WAP-W3N uses a single Cat-5e cable for power and networking.