Sapphire Living Space

At Sapphire Living Space, we know that kitchens and bathrooms are the most important rooms of the house: they are where life happens.
The kitchen is the heart of your home, whether you are looking for a warm, family space where you can nurture your growing children, or a sleek, sophisticated kitchen with high-end fittings and a place for everything out of sight.
The bathroom is a special room: one that serves many purposes. We go there to relax and we go there to be invigorated. Often these rooms are small, but Sapphire Living Space are experts at designing and installing wetrooms, which can transform a cramped area into a fantastic space.
Sapphire Living Space will work with you to create your own space in which you feel comfortable, which suits your needs and will also stand the test of time, both in workmanship and styling. We come to your home and listen to your ideas, then we will discuss the design options and budget with you without any need for commitment on your part.


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