REGA RS7 Black (Ex Demo)

REGA RS7 Black (Ex Demo)
Brand: Rega
Product Code: RS7
Price: £1,838.00 £999.00
Ex Tax: £999.00

The RS7 loudspeakers have been designed to be effective, easy to use and above all to reproduce music. Featuring a two and half way driver system enclosed in a quarter wave transmission line, they produce an accurate and natural low frequency response. This is matched with a well balanced Mid range and exceptional high frequency response, thanks to the Rega designed tweeter HF20-ZRR unit and the Bass/Mid RR125 unit. High Frequency unit The RS7 uses our new HF20-ZRR high frequency unit which is uniquely designed by Rega. By removing unwanted rear reflection the design of the ZRR tweeter helps maintain a distortion free response. Rega's RR7.8 side firing 7" Bass driver uses an 8 layer voice coil and therefore requires no additional crossover. This unique design concept makes the RS7 extremely flexible and suitable for almost all room environments. Positioning of the RS7 loudspeaker The side firing system allows easy positioning of the loudspeakers. The system can offer improved sound stage/dynamics and also allows the RS7 to cope well in difficult rooms. In most room environments we suggest aiming the side units outwards. This can offer improved sound stage, however in some situations this may slightly blur the positioning of instruments and vocals. In such a case it is advisable to switch the speakers over and face the side units towards each other which can improve the balance. Remember: All rooms are different; experimenting with the two options will help you decide which position is right for your room environment. Rega has designed the RS7 with great care and stylish looks, but most of all it is enjoyable. We think you will agree when you audition the RS7 that it is an exceptional loudspeaker These are virtually brand new with very little use they come with all relevant packaging.