Brand: Q Acoustics
Product Code: MEDIA 4
Price: £399.00 £299.00
Ex Tax: £299.00

Q Acoustics Media 4 Soundbar. Built in Subwoofer. SoundBars are primarily designed to improve the sound of your TV. This new powerful 2.1 SoundBar from Q Acoustics not only excels in the TV and AV department but sounds superb with music. This high performance soundbar is designed to deliver high fidelity reproduction of music, and high quality audio from a TV, Set top box/PVR, tablets and smartphones. Not only that but you can also play music from an compatible device but the unit uses aptX lossless Bluetooth for audio streaming. This wireless connection can sync to almost any Bluetooth compatible audio device. It can remember up to eight pairings, allowing you to get connected in just seconds. The aptX Bluetooth is V4.0 and is compatible with the V3.0, V2.1, V2.0 even V1.2 on some devices so will work with older devices. The NFC close proximity connection can make it very simple to set-up. M4 features wide dispersion ‘BMR’ driver units, these innovative speakers create clear room filling sound with consistent coverage. An acoustically matched built-in high performance subwoofer adds real bass. Combining both analogue and optical inputs (high precision DAC) the unit can also be used with a variety of other entertainment sources such as streaming services like Spotify, CD players, portable music players, computers and internet radio. Automatic source selection between inputs. Basic controls are available on the fascia and the dedicated remote control also supports Sky and Virgin Media units.