Sonos Subwoofer (Ex Demonstration)

Sonos Subwoofer (Ex Demonstration)
Brand: Sonos
Product Code: subwoofer
Price: £599.00 £499.00
Ex Tax: £499.00

The Sonos SUB provides the missing link for the perfect Sonos system. Now you can enjoy the crisp, spacious sound of Sonos with the bass power to match.


The whole point behind a subwoofer is to provide deep and sustained bass. The Sonos SUB doesn't disappoint. Using twin, force cancelling drivers with separate Class D amplifiers, the Sonos SUB provides a bass that is not only deep enough to rattle the china, but also punchy, agile and dynamic. In short, the bass sounds exactly as it should - fast and deep - not slow and woolly. A further benefit of the benefit of the speaker configuration is zero cabinet buzz or rattle, giving a refreshing lack of distortion to even you bassiest of tracks.


Just as you'd expect from Sonos, the Sonos SUB is a breeze to set up. With no wiring or programming required you simply need to press one button and follow the simple prompts from your Sonos system controller. The system then automatically adjusts the audio settings to ensure that the SUB is fully optimised to work with your paired Sonos component. The SUB works with both PLAY:3 and PLAY:5 plus all amplified Sonos units including the CONNECT:AMP, ZP120 and ZP100.


Elegantly designed and finished in a deep gloss black, the Sonos SUB is not like other subs - it actually looks attractive! With its rounded edges and sculptural form, this sub looks pleasing enough to have out on display. The gloss black finish is also the ideal match for most TVs and other hi-fi or home cinema equipment you may have. Sonos have even considered those really pushed for space. The SUB also functions horizontally, as well as vertically, making it easy to place under a chair or sofa should you require.

Feel the music with the Sonos SUB.