Mitchell & Johnson DR-201V

Mitchell & Johnson DR-201V
Brand: Mitchell&Johnson
Product Code: DR-201V

Mitchell and Johnson Stereo DAB / DAB+ & FM Tuner.


DR-201V is a stereo DAB/DAB+/FM tuner and is much the same as a traditional FM radio tuner except in addition it can receive DAB (and the new DAB+) broadcasts allowing access to a host of local digital radio stations.

A built in Bluetooth receiver enables streaming of any content from a suitable Bluetooth enabled device.

It has a two line VFD display allowing scrolling through availabee chanels whilst still listening to the currently selected broadcast.

On the rear the DR-201 has connections for stereo output via RCA connectors aswell as 2 digital outputs (1 coaxial & 1 digital).  In addition there is an RS232 connector making integration with other home automation simple.

There is an antenna connections for connecting the supplied wire aerial or for best reception results, a dedicated DAB/FM aerial can be connected.

The DR-201 sound quality is quite stunning at this price point and the system makes listening to digital radio an absolute pleaseure, whatever the chosen station, whether classical, jazz, rock or spoke word, broadcasts are clear and precise and the system delivers smoth rich sonics.

DR-201V Features:

  • Full width audio component
  • Bluetooth Streaming
  • DAB, DAB+ and FM waveband
  • Two-line dot matrix VFD display
  • 10 station presets
  • RDS FM Tuner
  • RS232 control interface
  • Full function IR remote control
  • RCA stereo analog output
  • Digital Optical output
  • Digital Coaxial output
  • Available in black or silver finish
  • Matches the SAP-201V amplifier