Outclass Film Server

Outclass Film Server
Brand: Outclass
Product Code: Outclass

The OutClass Server is a reliable dedicated media server smart storage solution that has been specifically designed to make ripping and storing CD's, DVD's and Blu-ray's easy and then playing them back on devices such as an Apple TV, Dune Player and a Popcorn Hour.

The OutClass Server has the ability to copy and archive CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs automatically embedding ID tagging, metadata and artwork on its RAID configured storage.

It will automatically convert all the movies into iTunes to playback on AppleTV and iPad, also into a format to play on Dune HD players (ideal for control4 installations) and many other DNLA players of your choice.

It will stream your music in multiple formats including FLAC, WAV,mp3 and Apple Losses out to many music players like SONOS, Russound, Squeezebox , AppleTV and many more.

The OutClass Server can be controlled via Control4, or various other third party control systems via the iPad and many other devices to making this server very versatile.

The OutClass Server comes in sizes from 2TB up to 100TB in the OutClass-R Server, our rack mounted server or the OutClass-N Server which uses a NAS as storage.

The OutClass Server can be installed on a local area network and once installed, the day to day use is as simple as loading a disc into the its optical drive. The OutClass Server has the ability to archive CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs and automatically embed ID tagging, metadata and artwork on its RAID configured storage, giving a real time protection of all stored media. The archiving and converting process is completely automated and once it is completed, the OutClass Server ejects the disc, ready for the next one.

The OutClass Server Video Converter converts DVD and Blu-ray titles based on selectable MP4 profiles. The profiles define formats that include files with various quality settings, and formats specific for mobile devices, and Apple TV. CDs can be dual ripped so that an mp3 copy is made at the same time as a high quality version. The mp3 is perfect for syncing with portable players such as iPods, smart phones and other portable devices. DVD and Blu-ray playback is supported on any network streaming device that has the appropriate codec support.


Movies Disc Copier

The OutClass Server Movies Disc Copier is a fully automated DVD or Blu-ray disc copier, that allows you to automatically copy your movies directly to the OutClass Server storage making it available to the Apple TV or to the streamer of your choice.

Your movies can be copied to either VIDEO_TS formats for DVD's, ISO format for DVD or Blu-ray, or you can copy both to a VIDEO_TS format as well as an MPEG-2 format for DVD's, allowing the full VIDEO_TS structure to be played on the main Media Center, and the MPEG-2 file on other network streamers.

The OutClass Server Video Converter converts DVD and Blu-ray titles based on selectable MP4 profiles. The profiles define formats that include files with various quality settings, and formats specific for mobile devices, and Apple TV. It is also possible to add new formats to list of conversion profiles. Titles can be automatically added to the converter when they are copied to the RAID storage through the disc copier, or manually added through the lists in the OutClass Server Dashboard.

Advanced Meta-Data

The advanced, and high quality meta-data added by the My Movies Disc Copier is provided from My Movies own WebService, our community build data service, where thousands of users take part in ensuring accurate and high quality data. Data is downloaded from our multiple highly stable and very fast professional servers, hosted in Denmark, by our high quality professional hosting partner Fuzion, to ensure that you always get the highest quality meta-data at all times a day.


My Music Disc Copier

My Music Disc Copier is a fully automated CD ripper, that allows you to automatically copy your music cd's directly to the OutClass Server's storage making it available to iTunes and Apple devices and also Media Centers, such as Microsoft Media Center, XBMC, Media Portal, Beyond TV, SaveTV and many others, music playback devices such as Logitech Squeezebox, Sonos Digital Music Systems and many others.

Your music can be copied either to lossless music formats such as Windows Media Audio Lossless or Flac, or to highly compressed Windows Media Audio or MP3 files, or a combination, allowing you to store a primary format for in-house playback, and a secondary format for mobile devices.

CD Ripping have never been easier, simply insert a CD into an optical drive, and the copy process will start automatically, while you have a full detailed overview in your Windows Home Server console, after a few minutes, depending on the target format you have chosen, and the processing power of your Home Server, the disc will again be ejected from the drive.


Advanced Meta-Data  

By combining multiple meta-data sources, including Get Digital Data (GD3), MusicBrainz and FreeDB.org, you are ensured as good meta-data as possible,including high resolution album art, and data combining technologies ensuring that typing errors in the data providers meta-data will not make it into your music library.  

Meta-data, including both text data and album art is embedded into your music files, and is used to ensure a good naming method on your storage, and also gives you the option to configure the naming scheme you prefer for your files. Intelligent handling of album arts ensures that high resolution album art is added to the music stored for in-house usage, while album art added to mobile music parts is downscaled to save storage space.  

As an addition to embedding album art, a high resolution "Folder.jpg" file is also stored to the album folder. 


Audio Compression Formats  

The My Music Disc Copier can copy to various music formats; Waveform audio format (WAV), MPEG Audio Layer III (MP3), Windows Media Audio and Windows Media Audio Lossless (WMA) and Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC), based on the high quality and award winning Lame MP3 Encoder for MP3, Microsoft Windows Media Encoder for WMA and the Flac library for the very popular upcoming format Flac.  

Using the only the best standard audio encoding libraries, you are ensured that the My Music Disc Copier gives you the best possible quality each audio format can provide.  


Mobile Devices  

For your in-house music, it is recommended that you copy your CDs to a lossless audio format, which means that the quality of the music is not degraded by being copied to your server - but, a lossless audio format also takes up more storage space than a highly compressed audio file, and this may be a problem when transferring the music to your mobile devices, such as a iPod, Zune, phone or other mobile music playback device, or, if space is not an issue, your preferred lossless audio format may not be playable on your mobile device.  

The My Music Disc Copier allows you to configure two different formats, to be stored in two different areas of your Home Server, recommended the "Music" share for in-house music, and a "Mobile Music" share for music to mobile devices. This allows you to configure your favorite lossless format for the in-house music, while at the same time having the music available in a highly compressed format for quick and easy transfer to your mobile device.   If you copy your in-house music to a lossless format such as Windows Media Audio Lossless or Flac, creating a 64 kbps compressed MP3 or Windows Media Audio file for mobile devices will take up less than 10% additional space on your Home Server's storage.


OutClass to NAS

The OutClass Server now can rip and store all your music and movies on a NAS (Network Attached Storage) allowing you freedom to expand the storage easily while locating the OutClass Server anywhere in the house.

This new version the OutClass-N server still has all the benefits and easy operation of the current OutClass Server and OutClass-R Server, but it replaces the internal storage with a NAS drive.

This allows you to place the OutClass-N server in a convenient place in the house and have all the storage out of sight in a rack or basement.

You get the advantage of a small footprint using the standalone or 1U OutClass Server and the massive storage capability of the large OutClass-R Server rack mount servers.


The AppleTV is a fantastic network streamer to use with the OutClass server.

If you are looking to stream all your movies and music to AppleTV's around your home then this is the server to do it with all controlled from your iPad.

Its really easy to use and there is no need for a PC or MAC to run iTunes.

Just pop the disc into the server and wait for it to be copied then play it on your AppleTV's - Simple!

The movie will play in 1080p and 5.1 Dolby Digital as supported by the AppleTV 3.

Apple TV diagram wired to OutClass server

Watching the movies on your Apple TV is about as simple as it gets. Simply select "Computers" in the main menu and choose "Movies" to see your Apple TV-ready selection of films or choose "Music" to play the music from the server. Here you will be able to enjoy the benefits of using the MyMovies meta-data, as you will get a cover for the film as well as a description of its contents.