Sonoro CD

Sonoro CD
Product Code: Sonoro CD

Like its baby brother the sonora RADIO the CD model is housed inside a sleek high gloss casing, this FM/DAB radio is complimented by a CD player capable of playing MP3 discs. It is designed especially for the bedroom and is extremely easy to use.

This compact radio helps you to slip off to sleep peacefully and then the dual alarm function will ensure you are ready for a new day by playing music from your favourite radio station, CD, built in soothing sounds or a good old fashioned beep!

The upward facing speaker creates 360 degrees of sound, filling every corner of the room and awakening your senses. Whilst you are asleep the built in USB port can charge your phone or tablet so that when you awake it is as refreshed as you are.

Available in a range of colours, it boasts a battery back-up and a remote control, leaving you to sit back and enjoy the high quality sound of the radio, CD or music streamed via Bluetooth from your mobile device from the comfort of your bed.