6 Ways of Streaming

Play Music Wirelessly


Send music wirelessly from any PC or Mac - that's the beauty of a network music system. Download our Songcast app and play any music on your computer through your Linn.

You can play your favourite songs through your Linn system by hitting the AirPlay button on your iPad, iPhones or iTunes.




Online Music and Movies


Get better sound from your online apps by listening on your Linn system. From Spotify and last.fm to YouTube and NetFlix, improve your favourite music and movie streaming services with Linn.

If you normally play it on a computer, you can now hear it on your Linn. That's the flexibility of digital streaming. All you favourite online apps can benefit from Linn sound. Download Songcast and turn on your Linn - it's that easy.



Connect your living room


Use HDMI inputs to connect your TV, Blu-Ray or DVD player, PlayStation, Xbox...

console controller

Use digital and optical inputs for anything else you want to make sound better, e.g. analogue tuner, disc player

console controller
Akurate rear view
console controller

Anything stored on your computer or accessed online can be played or shared across the network


Connect your turntable to a built-in phono stage or use an external phono pre-amplifier

console controller


Get away from your computer



Good for storage, 
not for playing music

Desktops and laptops are brilliant at lots of things, but creating great sound isn't one of them. With a network music system from Linn you'll never trust your computer speakers again. Let the experts take over - store on a computer, play on a Linn.

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Music In Any Room


Let every room pick its own soundtrack from your shared music library. You can change music in any room from any controller.

Throw the world's best parties. Or get ready to go out in style. Sometimes you just want to play the same thing everywhere. Now you can.

Anything you connect to your Linn can be shared with another room. Listen to your favourite records in the bath or a live concert stream in your bed.Share music between rooms

High Resolution Music


the system we made for everywherePlay the best on the best

When you listen to 24-bit Studio Master music you’re listening to the highest possible quality. A Linn system lets you escape the limitations of compressed music and brings music to life in its full glory. Download an album fromLinnRecords.com and find out what a Linn system is capable of. 


All formats covered

Apple Lossless, WAV, FLAC or anything in between, our systems can handle it all. Linn’s network music players are built from the ground up to get the best of anything you choose to play, but when you try 24-bit high resolution content, the sound is, well, spectacular.